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With a heavy heart, Alliance for Medical Aid filed for dissolution in September 2015 after nearly four years of being an IRS-approved non-profit organization. ALMA is very proud of its work, the thousands of dollars it has raised, its work in the Philippines, and its numerous other projects! Unfortunately, with so many of its leaders incredibly busy pursuing careers in medicine and elsewhere, it was too great a challenge to adequately operate the organization as a non-profit entity. Our two co-presidents, Jackie Corley and Alyssa Corley, are still both committed to advancing global health and improving the health of the world’s most impoverished populations.

Jackie is currently a neurological surgery resident at Duke University Medical Center, where she is an active member of the Duke Global Health Institute.

Alyssa is about to enter her final year of medical school at Dartmouth Medical College.

Ali, Jackie, and the whole ALMA team, including the dozens of people who have been involved over the years, plan to continue operating the organization as an association dedicated to improving global health, which means ALMA is not closing, only shifting its focus and goals. ALMA will also no longer be accepting donations or money. All of its efforts from this point forward will be funded by those who operate it.

At the time of dissolution, ALMA had no assets.

In the future, we plan to re-establish ALMA as a non-profit organization and continue our fundraising efforts, but until then, we look forward to working with all of our supporters to improve health in other, more manageable ways!






Fundraising and Spending in 2014

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge. Photo credit goes to Salim Virji:

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, Alliance for Medical Aid (ALMA) is releasing a spending/fundraising report. See below for a brief overview of our fundraising and spending over the past year (keep in mind, the year is not over!):

In 2014, ALMA raised $2,232.92, mostly related to a fundraiser we held in San Francisco at the start of the new year.

In 2014, ALMA spent $5,201.65. $4,300.00 of this money went directly to Philos Health’s efforts in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. The remainder of the spending went to costs for the January fundraising event in San Francisco and various fees to Paypal and Chase Bank (mostly transaction fees).

In 2014, ALMA did not pay any volunteers, officers, or board members any salaries in accordance with this organization’s by-laws. ALMA is committed to remaining a organization committed to true volunteerism. We do what we do because we want to make a difference, not earn a profit.

If you have any questions about ALMA’s spending, please contact Justin Haskins, our chief financial officer, at or

Officers Elected

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I’m happy to announce that our Board of Directors have determined, unsurprisingly, that all officers and position holders from 2014 will keep their positions in 2015. The following are the official results, provided to the public in accordance with federal and state laws:

Jackie Corley-Co-President (officer)

Alyssa Corley-Co-President (officer)

Justin Haskins-Chief Financial Officer and Secretary (officer)

Lauren Kemp-Chief Marketing Officer (non-officer position)

2014 Benefit a Huge Success!

On January 3rd, friends, family, and new friends and family gathered in San Francisco to start the new year out right: by doing what little we could to help millions of Filipinos suffering in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. From this one special event, ALMA was able to raise over $4,000.00.

Rush Remedy in the News

Rush University Hospital, Chicago, IL
Picture of Rush Hospital. Picture taken by Paul Sableman:

Rush Remedy makes the news! posted an excellent article about Rush University’s Rush Remedy program, a group composed of students who work with Rush Hospital and Hospital Sisters’ Mission Outreach to recycle¬†unused medical supplies. Read more about Rush Remedy here, on

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